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20′ x 20′ Video Wall


Cloudcheckr is a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that provides full visibility and control to reduce costs, improve cybersecurity posture, and automate critical tasks to accelerate cloud agility for modern enterprises and service providers. Some of the clients they serve are NASA, Vimeo, and Fannie Mae.

Cloudcheckr envisioned a clean cutting-edge design with locking storage to raise their visibility at their industry technology shows. In the past, they did not have storage or video capability to engage the attendees. By adding a seamless video wall, the speaker was able to communicate more effectively with a larger audience

In addition, the new design needed to be modular for various re-configurations. In reviewing the options, the Gravitee One-Step Modular System was ideal. It could be quickly assembled without tools or loose parts and changing the exhibit size was as simple as adding or removing specific panels (Gravitee video).

At their first show with the new design, their lead intake increase by 100%, which was more than all their previous years combined.

According to the Cloudcheckr, the booth helped it secure $50 million in investor funding. Impressive!

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