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Exhibit Solutions

You’re Never TOO BIG or
Too Small for a Custom Exhibit

The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit.

There are no cut and paste solutions at Exhibits Northwest, only solutions that fit your marketing goals. We imagine your most successful show and then work backwards, using your vision and experience to create the perfect trade show exhibit.

From Exhibit Design to Exhibit Management.

Our comprehensive trade show program includes exhibit storage, maintenance, show services support, graphic design and production. We sweat the details, so your next show will always be your best show.

The Best Exhibit Display Begins with Great Exhibit Design!

Every client has different goals and different budgets.

Before we recommend the best solution, we’ll listen and strategize with you. Then we’ll make a recommendation that fits your specific situation.

On the day you pick up your trade show exhibit, you’ll see it “show ready.”

Together, we’ll review it, set it up, and dismantle it so there are no surprises. This complimentary service ensures you are more than ready to succeed at your next trade show.

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Custom exhibit designs handcrafted to perfectly suit your business’ needs

As the world of marketing continues to evolve in an ever-crowded marketplace, standing out from the competition is becoming more important than ever. The difference between an average exhibit and an exceptional one can make or break the impact and ROI your company experiences from your trade show exhibition. The custom exhibit design services offered by our team will ensure that your trade show display is the one that everyone talks about at the show and the one they remember afterwards.

When it comes to designing a custom exhibit, the sky truly is the limit. Less experienced and capable vendors often claim “custom exhibit design,” but are really just piecing together various ideas from past projects to save on costs and headaches. While taking inspiration from other exhibits can be a good place to start, true trade show success is best achieved by starting with a uniquely custom exhibit that’s built entirely to reflect your businesses’ vision and goals – not simply taking the easy way out based on what inventory is available. We listen carefully from the beginning to ensure we fully understand your goals and deliver a show-ready masterpiece exhibit that will last for years to come.

Beyond simply designing a one-of-a-kind custom trade show exhibit, we can assist with storage, maintenance, trade show support, and an array of related services to ensure that your trade show experience is flawless. When you design your exhibit with us, you’ll be in good hands from start to finish.

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