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10′ x 10′ Inline


ēpoch means “a revolutionary event in time.” This name is a perfect description for a company reinventing the media industry with their workflow technology. ēpoch wanted their technology to represent the beginning of a new era in broadcast media. How do you visually represent those goals?

In collaboration with Lewis Creative, we kept this goal in mind when narrowing down the right 10 ft. display for ēpoch. The Visionary Designs VK-1320 worked perfectly for the visual branding of the company because the curvature and arcs were a prominent design feature. The graphics feature circular & wave-like imagery to show motion, ripples, and flow. Even the ēpoch logo uses a font that has rounded letters and a play button within two circles.

The booth structure, with accent wings and curved extrusion, also conveys motion, ripples, and flow, so from a design standpoint, the booth structure as well as the graphic design combined with their visual goals.

Small Footprint + Huge Impact =

Stellar Show

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