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Hillsboro Aero

20′ x 20′ Island

Hillsboro Aero Academy is one of the largest airplane and helicopter training schools in the United States. Thousands of pilots have graduated from their accredited programs and gone on to fly for companies all over the world. Hillsboro Aero has unrivaled knowledge, courses, and equipment to get pilots off the ground.

With this in mind, we wanted to highlight their two primary objectives. First, to show the strength and polish of their new brand message, while also creating an inviting meeting space within the booth. Second, to recognize the power of flight through the immediacy of pushing to the maximum height right to the aisles. 

Through our pre-design brainstorming sessions, we determined that high-end materials would marry the brand perfectly to the hard lines of the dramatic towers. The mounted 3-D logos make a huge brand impact, while looking professional and clean. The display gave an overall sense of professionalism that people expect from an Aero Academy. With their new display from Exhibits Northwest, Hillsboro Aero achieved their objective as the premier training program within their industry.

Clean Graphics + Strong Identity =

Inviting Space

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