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Double-Deck Rental

Insitu is a leader in the design, development, production, and operation of high-performance, cost-effective unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Their focus is to deliver their global customer base with the highest-quality ISR information, as quickly as possible. Their family of long-endurance, runway-independent UAS have logged hundreds of thousands of combat flight hours since 2004, and have successfully operated in some of the most extreme environments in the world.

Insitu came to Exhibits NW with a number of design challenges. They needed an exhibit environment that allowed them to have confidential meetings with their existing clients in an attractive booth that attracted new clients. Additionally, because the nature of their industry is always changing and ever-evolving, their identity and trade show presence had to be flexible. This made renting an ideal option for Insitu. Renting gave them the opportunity to create very custom, yet cost-effective trade show displays which they could refresh each year.

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