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K9 Natural

20′ x 20′ Exhibit


“Have I told you you’re amazing… because you are!”

K9 Natural is a natural, raw pet food brand from New Zealand that wanted to grow their business in North America. The client asked us to take their trade show marketing to the next level, which had been limited to a portable pop-up display.

We were tasked with designing a high-end, comfortable environment with a subtle “natural” feel, but we were challenged with a modest budget for a custom small island. We had to be smart with materials and design, offering an exhibit that maximized their money — bang for their buck! Conveniently, the local K9 Natural representative was based in Seattle, which meant she could watch the build process, bring items to ship, and stay in contact with us throughout the entire design-to-build process.

The construction included wood panels with silicone fabric graphics. The walls can be converted to LED lightboxes at any time, allowing the client to “up their game” at a future show. K9 Natural wanted a wood floor, but without the wood floor cost or shipping. The ideal alternative was Flexfloor, a rollable, durable flooring for trade shows. The client provided the freezer, a key element to their product-line, which was incorporated into the overall design.

SuperZoo 2016 was the big unveiling of the exhibit. Not surprisingly, they were a little nervous about the installation since this was their first foray into a larger space. Exhibits Northwest supported them by attending the show. In addition, the K9 Natural team invited the ENW team to join their teambuilding activities the night before the show which allowed us to mingle with the New Zealand team… a very cool group!

Since then, K9 Natural and ENW have worked together to update the exhibit for individual shows, such as Global Pet 2017. The LED lightbox mentioned earlier may happen for SuperZoo 2017 in addition to other ideas being discussed like a hanging sign, and graphic updates. Exhibits Northwest stores the exhibit at the Seattle facility and handles show logistics for K9 Natural. As a result of their success at SuperZoo and Global Pet, ENW and K9 Natural have become trusted partners in their tradeshow marketing success.


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