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20′ x 30′ Island

A Little Birdie

Niagara is the largest family-owned and operated bottled water company in the United States and the leading private-able bottled water supplier in the Western U.S. In 1963, Niagara started bottling high-quality, low cost water in five-gallon glass containers for home and office delivery. In the early ‘90’s, the company expanded into private-label single-serve water bottles. Niagara has grown because of its vertical integration, innovative bottle design, and high-speed manufacturing.

Their striking identity, expertise, and most importantly their product had to take center stage for their trade show display.

Exhibit Northwest designed and built a space that combined their beautiful identity with the clean, flowing feel of water, all while showcasing their bottled water.

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Well-Trained Staff + Beautiful Space =

Very Successful Show

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