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20′ x 20′ Island

Pacifica is known as the most innovative, creative natural beauty brand on the market with a full range of cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care products. Because of the nature of their business, they wanted to show a large variety of products that required a very clean, open, and organized 20×20 booth that wouldn’t feel cluttered. Their desire was for an intimate space with soft lines that helped reinforce their brand.

Logistically, they required a booth that was lightweight and easy-to-ship, but it had to make a dramatic visual statement about their company on a modest budget.

Continuity and cleanliness was achieved by keeping the color scheme of the booth very light: the carpet is white, the metal extrusions of the structure are powder-coated white, and the client’s trademark packaging patterns were used against a white background for the majority of the graphics. Overarching pieces in the booth create an intimate space for looking at the product displays similar to a traditional retail setting.

The client’s storage needs were accommodated by a substantial 5 x 10 foot locking closet. Product displays were designed and constructed with the same white extrusions used throughout the booth, giving ample room for displays and reiterating the clean, light booth feel.

Fabric and extruded aluminum materials made this exhibit very lightweight, which maximized their space and gave them more bang for their buck.


Engaging Space + On Target Budget =

Award Winning Booth

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