Portable Trade Show Displays: Ideas & Inventory

portable trade show displays
Buy or rent? Template or custom? Strobe lights or spotlights (or both?)? These and other questions beg to be answered by every trade show exhibitor. One way to narrow your choices and see just how much you can take care of by yourself is to target portable trade show displays. Many portable trade show displays are less expensive to buy than their heavier, bulkier counterparts and if you take good care of them, they can last through many shows. Below, we’ll take a quick introduction through portable trade show displays and talk about some rules of thumb for making sure you come out with the best pieces for your business.

Why Portable Trade Show Displays?

Portable trade show displays are ideal for a small business with a DIY spirit and a relatively small number of shows to display at. If you have a booth at, say, ten shows a year or more, you may be better served by getting some real help from a trade show display company–but if this is only an occasional thing, portable trade show displays can help you save piles of money.

Portable Trade Show Display Ideas

When you go portable, you’re trying to pack as light as you can. Inevitably, you’ll want to bring as few pieces as possible. One practically indispensable item is the backdrop. A backdrop frames your booth while showing passersby what your booth is all about. In theory, you could almost get away with nothing more than a backdrop and some flyers. Obviously, such a purely bare-bones approach is rarely going to make a ton of sales. Sticking with the minimalist chic, some sort of surface–a podium, table, countertop, etc.–is bound to come in handy without getting extravagant. If you know where to look, you may even find one that provides functional workspace while simultaneously enhancing your display.

Inventory Options for Trade Show Displays

Of course, portability means things are easier to transport, no matter who’s transporting them, and no matter where they’re transporting them to. That is, these things are easier to steal or simply misplace. Two ideas here for keeping track of your trade show inventory. First, mount some cameras. They can be real security cameras that take actual footage of your booth or just props–the idea is for people to see them and think twice about trying to make off with anything. Second–and this is especially helpful if you’re looking to make actual sales at the trade show–bring an inventory management system. These days, you don’t even need a whole laptop to do this. Just pack a tablet with a camera that can scan barcodes and update your software before and after the show with your inventory numbers. This way, you can at least cut down on user error.

Final Thoughts on Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays are great for businesses that are new to the trade show game and just looking to experiment, and all businesses that want to take care of their trade shows by themselves. You probably won’t dazzle any attendees with a portable trade show display, but you can still get the job done–that is, make contacts to make sales!