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10′ x 10′ Lightbox


Sightbox offers annual eye exams and contact lens delivery on a monthly payment plan, providing annual vision care without the need for vision insurance. They are a contact lens concierge or subscription-based contact lens service.

Conceptually, they envisioned a simple booth that would visually mirror the “box theme” of their shipping/product containers. In addition, storage was critical, since they wanted an unclutter display but ample space for their giveaway promotional items. Finally, the exhibit had to be modular, converting from a 10 x 20 inline into two distinct 10 ft. exhibits.

The final design was clean, dynamic, and bright. The LED lightboxes and light cube were perfect for their graphics, attracting attendees to their booth. The exhibit included an InCharg Charging Table with USB ports so attendees could recharge their phone or tablet. The charging tables were a convenient spot to connect with potential customers. There was also an iPad Stand for demos and brochure holders for printed literature.

So how successful was the exhibit at their show? Well, they attracted significant investor funding post-show. The new display can’t take all the credit, but having a professional trade show presence certainly didn’t hurt.

Vibrant Backlighting

Eye Catching

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