Make Your Booth Pop with a Great Trade Show Backdrop!

trade show backdrop
Nearly everything about a trade exhibit is about catching people’s attention and keeping it. You also want a  system for capturing contact information and that sort of thing, but of course, that only becomes possible after your exhibit has caused someone to want to talk to you. In many ways, the trade show backdrop is the foundation of the exhibit. It whispers, “Everything here has to do with this.” Of course, defining what this is in a valuable way is the goal. Below we’ll talk about planning your trade show backdrop design, as well as a couple of fun ideas to play around with.

Planning Your Trade Show Backdrop

The most important thing to communicate here is that nothing beats collaborating with an industry insider. Even if you’re sure you know what kind of trade show backdrop you want, it never hurts to at least brainstorm with a trade show professional and see how your ideas stack up against the competition. This is especially true if you’re planning an inline display. Many inline displays are, at the skeletal level, little more than a backdrop and a podium. The importance of coordinating your trade show backdrop with your podium cannot be overstated. While the backdrop “brings up” the subject of your business, the podium is where you start the real conversations. 

Trade Show Backdrop Design

Even if there is no stone tablet with trade show backdrop requirements chiseled into it, there are certain backdrop design elements that are almost always helpful to include. Take this trade show backdrop as an example. The elements are all there:  double-take-inducing pictures that lead the eye directly to a picture of the product. In this case, the eye-catcher is a large picture of Michael Jordan paired with an artistic product display. Notice how the image of Michael Jordan immediately catches your eye, partly due to the display but also because nearly everyone knows his face, jersey and number. After the recognition and draw to Michael Jordan fades, the potential customer will then scan toward the Gatorade bottle. This one-two marketing punch is exciting, visually pleasing and likely has an emotional draw for people. Presenting an infamous basketball star in relation to a relevant product creates positive association and then, most importantly,  desire for the product!

Fun Trade Show Backdrop Ideas

The Smart Water example above is a skillful execution of a flat, photo-based trade show backdrop. You see the backdrop, absorb its idea, and then look at the podium up front which matches with–almost emerges from–the backdrop. But when it’s appropriate, why not take things a step further? In this next example, the trade show backdrop’s eye-catcher is one huge trigger word: oomph. The elaboration is simple, easy-to-read, optional text and the “product” for this home furnishings company is an attractively if casually furnished room that gets the imagination going by looking like it’s a set from a play. There’s no single product to hold up and show the camera here so instead, the company created a simple but powerful trade show backdrop and proved its point with the props in front of it.

Finalizing Your Trade Show Booth Backdrop

There are so many ways to approach a trade show backdrop that a professional consultation can easily turn into simply a fun, talking-shop conversation. Our first example, the Smart Water exhibit, is a well-done, traditional-style manifestation; our second example, Oomph, embellishes on that foundation and beckons passersby in, to explore the space. Whatever your trade show backdrop needs, contact Exhibits NW to find out what we can do for your exhibit and how we can help you catch eyes in every city you travel to!