Understanding Custom Trade Show Exhibits

custom trade show exhibits

At this point in history, there are so many trade show exhibit kits to be discovered in the
Idea Gallery that the odds of designing something truly novel from scratch are slim. That is, if you try to work from the ground up like that, you’ll probably still come out with something that’s identical (or nearly) to a kit that has a number and has already been used in a hundred other trade shows. Why waste time getting to square one when we can start there?

Sometimes, clients or even designers question whether embellishing on an already-numbered kit means the exhibit won’t be truly “custom.” There are a few ways to answer that, but the most obvious is… of course not. Most of the customizing work happens after a foundation has been selected. During our customizing work, we sometimes realize some adjustments should be made to our “template”; sometimes we realize an entirely different kit in Idea Gallery would serve better. The point is to customize the exhibit to the product it’s selling; not to create an original work of art for its own sake.

In fact, did you know that most rock and pop songs use the same three or four chord progressions? Probably not–the instrumentations, melodies, and lyrics afford so much room for novelty that if you’re not a musician yourself, you’ll never notice their shared foundations. In the same way, all the lighting, branding, decorations, props, etc. that we select during the design process bloom out of the underlying kit so beautifully that no one but another exhibit designer would ever notice–or care–that this exhibit embellishes on the same kit as that one, from the last trade show. After all, do you like your favorite song less now that you know its little secret about chord progressions?

The next time you start a new project, surf the Idea Gallery and see if you spot a kit that’s perfect for your new exhibit. What needs the fewest changes? What arrangement would let you get to the real creative work the fastest? This will get you started in the most efficient direction.

For more information, head on over to our custom trade show exhibits page to get started!